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Client Praise


"Having Martha's help with her own 'Extra Set of Hands' is exactly what I needed! An Extra Set of Hands and eyes for safety, motivation, and energy to get the task started and finished!"

Alice R.

 “Martha is helping me clear out and give certain items a second life. I find she is easy to work with and I am energized by her help. She readily tackles projects with me including furniture repair/painting, improving storage options, and responsibly moving things out of my home to someone else. I like being able to discuss my options with her…should I donate, discard or repurpose? Thanks, Martha, for bringing your skills into my life and home.”

Vickie B.



“Thrilled that a hairdryer and mower cord could be salvaged. Extra Set of Hands to the rescue!”

Ann P.



“Martha is not only an extra set of hands but an extra brain and an extra heart!”

Deborah N.
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