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Meet Martha

Founder of Extra Set of Hands

After a robust career in sales, marketing, and nonprofit fundraising, Martha wants to help you create more peace, joy, and harmony in your life by assisting you with projects and finding solutions for your organizational needs.  She and her husband have lived on the South Coast for 15 years and have four grown children.  A connector and community builder by nature, Martha offers confidentiality, creativity, resourcefulness, and good cheer in finding solutions and completing projects that have sat on your to-do list for too long.

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About Extra Set of Hands

Bringing Dependability & Kindness into Your World

Action and movement bring forth new ideas and solutions!  Extra Set of Hands is an agent of change to help you move forward by finishing projects, getting organized, fixing things, and giving things away to create space in which to grow.

Extra Set of Hands is a personal service to help you complete your projects at hand.  Together, let’s use this unsettling time to explore your needs and be productive.


Are you planning to downsize in the next year and don’t know where to begin? Do you need help organizing your garage or disposing of an old barbeque grill? Do you need someone to sew a mattress for a bassinette or paint a highchair? Isn’t this a perfect time to sort through those “abandoned cardboard boxes” in your basement? Let Extra Set of Hands provide you the encouragement and support to tackle your pesky projects.  Together we will define the scope of work, identify steps and tasks involved, set deadlines, and get ‘er done!

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